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I love YA urban fantasy and dystopian. I also read some middle grade and historical fiction. I apologize for any spelling errors. If any of my ratings/Posts don't match up its because I just imported them from Goodreads and need to adjust them.

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Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury ACTUAL RATING 1.5 STARSI don't get it. Guy Montag makes little sense at best, absolutely no sense at his worst. In addition to this, he is an idiot, sheep,(see above).Why? BECAUSE IT'S ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE'S PLAN.I get that he came up with the After-the-war-let's-bring-books-back idea, but he pretty much gave Faber complete control A FEW OTHER THINGS THAT DIDN'T MAKE SENSE In the first chapter, Bradbury says something about the ventilation shaft in the front hall. Later it turns out that Montag was hiding books even though he was still loyal to the fireman/government thing-y And about that, HOW DID BEATTY KNOW???? He DID set the hound to Montag's scent OTHER RANDOMNESS The style was boring and when the climax arrived (finally!) I didn't feel excited or anxious or anything other than bored.