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I love YA urban fantasy and dystopian. I also read some middle grade and historical fiction. I apologize for any spelling errors. If any of my ratings/Posts don't match up its because I just imported them from Goodreads and need to adjust them.

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Nevermore - James Patterson The worst book in the series. Worse than Final Warning(Seemed very un-Maximum Ride). The writing was Patterson's trademark awesomness but that was one of the only redeming features of this book. Looking back on finishing this book, I am thinking "Did James Patterson realize 'OHMYGOD! THERE ARE A MILLION UNASWERED QUESTIONS AND THIS IS THE LAST BOOK!?!'" I THINK THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENDED.For the most part the begining was good. I didn't like how Fang disbanded his gang and just left them and how how Fang was immortal and really the fact that there was ANOTHER NEW APOCALYPTIC/EVOLVED PEOPLE GROUP. And remember how Ella wanted to get wings? THAT WAS NEVER REALLY RESOLVED!!!And the ending. WORST. ENDING. EVER.