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I love YA urban fantasy and dystopian. I also read some middle grade and historical fiction. I apologize for any spelling errors. If any of my ratings/Posts don't match up its because I just imported them from Goodreads and need to adjust them.

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The Son of Sobek - Rick Riordan MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD! A Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles cross-over. I thought the day would never come. But it has! Fandom rejoice! Onto the Son of Sobek...It was a nice, but all too brief, visit to the world of Magic and Monsters. For some reason Carter seemed a little off, but that may be because Sadie wasn't there,(She was learning about fighting cheese demons). Lack of Sadie aside, the story was funny, interesting, and way different from what I had expected. I think it could have been better if Carter or Percy did a little explaining about each other's worlds, but alas, that did not happen. I'm hoping that this will turn into an eBook series, but that probably won't happen. :(