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I love YA urban fantasy and dystopian. I also read some middle grade and historical fiction. I apologize for any spelling errors. If any of my ratings/Posts don't match up its because I just imported them from Goodreads and need to adjust them.

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I like the  Teen Titans Go. its a dumb show but I still find it entertaining. and today I was told that there was an episode about reading. naturally I was excited. but when I finished watching, I was really ticked off. in the episode, Raven teaches the other titans about the joys of reading. when the titans finish their books, they go in search of more books to read. but the book they find is “evil” and takes the characters from the other books and makes the corporeal. and evil. so the Raven saves them by telling them to make the stories “boring”. and so the titans do just that and learn that reading is ‘dangerous’ which I couldn’t disagree more with. it also teaches that censorship is good (NOOOO!).

I saw a post on instigram the other day and it said something about how its terrible that Americans are taught to fear books.

long story short-I wont be watching teen titans anytime soon. if you want to find me, i’ll be reading in my room.