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All Four Stars Gets Five!

All Four Stars - Tara Dairman

All Four Stars isn't your average MG novel. instead of featuring children saving the world or fighting the undead, the protagonist Gladys Gatsby saves the day by writing a restaurant revie for the New York Standard .

Having just read the first paragraph you might be thinking Boring or what the heck? but rest assured, this book is not boring. Gladys faces many challenges ober the course of the novel (I would tell you what challenges but that would spoil the book).

The obstacles kept me on the edge of my seat. But almost as much as the challenge of getting to the restaurant she needs to review, I enjoyed reading about Gladys's everyday life. Her friendships with Sandy and Parm are exactly what every childhood friendship should be.

And as for Gladys's school life, I loved Ms. Quincy! I've had my share of weird teachers, but Ms. Quincy was something else. I love how she didn't care bout the town wide Standard boycott and didn't take any nonsense from Charrissa.

Charissa. Now she's a whole different story. from the moment I met her, I hated her. She is like every other popular girl. EXACTLY. LIKE. THEM. So congratulations to Mrs. Dairman for creating such a realistic character.

So basically, I love this book. I'm really glad I got an arc. If you don't have one, start saving your money! Once you start this book, you'll gobble it down faster than you can say "Yum!"