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10 Winter Books with Freezing Quotes

Reblogged from BookLikes:

Winter is coming and it’s getting colder and colder outside. The best thing to do is to find a cozy spot by the fireplace with a book in your hands. How about some winter books to feel little warmer? Just have a look at these freezing quotes to feel much better and warmer. 



Shatter Me in your reviews: 

Highly recommend if you love dystopian, young adult, love triangles, or just a series that will suck you in! click to continue


I've read a lot of dystopian YA over the last few years but if it's done well and is original, like Shatter Me, then I'm not likely to get sick of it.  click to continue


The prose in Shatter Me is completely different from anything I have ever read before! The readers see this strange and scary world through Juliette’s eyes, and the writing is almost in a diary-style, or free-flow thinking. click to continue



Game of Thrones in your reviews:

It's hard to find a book where you can almost love all of its characters, villains included, and this series is brimming with colourful characters which you can love or (try to) hate. click to continue


If you'd asked me earlier this year about my thoughts on A Game of Thrones, I would have told you it's boring; however, my thoughts, opinions, and feelings are entirely different now since I pushed myself to finish this. Worth it. click to continue


This is probably one of the best High Fantasy books I've read this year, or ever. I'd been meaning to read this book for a long time and I'm so glad I finally gave it a chance. click to continue



The Golden Compass in your reviews:

The Golden Compass is such a magnificent book in every way. It was so beautifully written, intelligent and so intensely creative. click to continue


Years later, a few days ago, and with my attention span now slightly improved, I dove again into this world everyone says is so wonderful. What's different this time is I didn't come back up for air till "END OF BOOK ONE" appeared on the next page. click to continue


It took me a little while to see where Pullman was going, but once I got there, I totally believed in the world he creates. click to continue



Let it Snow in your reviews: 

Let It Snow is a fantastically fluffy Christmas read, of three intertwining stories by three different popular YA authors. It is funny, sweet and surprisingly well executed. click to continue


I don’t usually read love/romance stories, but I loved this book! It was so cute and funny and a perfect Christmas read. click to continue


It has romance by the truck-load, fun witty dialogue, and a great cast of characters! This book was so great that I flew through it with no problems! click to continue



The Ice Princess in your reviews:

If you like complex, multi-layered suspense novels, then I definitely recommend this dark and moody book. I can't comment on the original as I don't read Swedish, but the translation is certainly engaging. click to continue


The mystery and characters in this book grabbed me enough for me to want to read at least the second book in the series. click to continue



The Girl with Glass Feet in your reviews:

This is Shaw's first novel, and if he continues in this style then I am sure we will hear much more about him.If I sum it up, it is like a strange fairy tale  the girl with glass feet, and the awkward prince she meets. click to continue


I can almost guarantee that you won't have read anything quite like the Girl with Glass Feet by Ali Shaw, a young novelist who deserves more attention. click to continue


And at times, it felt like it was written just for me. It fit so neatly into things I love, writing styles I enjoy, and tales that have personal resonance. Oh yes, and tears. There were tears. click to continue



The Call of the Wild in your reviews: 

One of those classics that's definitely no chore, and one assessable even when I read it as a child. I'm not about to forget Buck, a dog who hears the call of the wild. click to continue


This is a timeless classic that should be a must read for everyone. click to continue



Warm Bodies in your reviews:

To my utter shock and bewilderment, I absolutely adored this book! Warm Bodies was everything I thought it will be and more. Much more. It's filled with depth and emotions; fear, love, confusion, hate, hope. Beautiful words and writing, together with characters that will blow your mind away. click to continue


Reading this was a delightful revelation. This is the book for people who think they don't like zombie stories. I can't wait to see what else Marion does. click to continue


Warm Bodies is a largely undisguised retelling of that old favourite, Romeo & Juliet so I knew from the off that I was treading a well worn path when it came to the plot. The main difference being that R is in fact a zombie, which I'm pretty sure is an element Shakespeare left out of the original play. click to continue 



Terror in your reviews: 

I was fine. Everything was fine. I wasn't hearing strange noises. I wasn't staring at darkened doorways thinking that a phantom was going to appear there at any minute. My heart wasn't racing. Until I was asked, "Whatcha reading?" click to continue


Simmons takes what is known of this expedition and uses it for the basis of a novel very aptly named The Terror, because up there, trapped in the sea-ice, the sailors find themselves stalked by something nameless and even more deadly than the ice-bears, ursus maritimus. click to continue


The desolate landscape, frigid Arctic temperatures, perpetual darkness, lightning storms, blizzards, dwindling coal supplies, tainted food rations, scurvy, imminent starvation, thoughts of cannibalism, threats of mutiny...that's the stuff real nightmares are made of. I found myself completely engrossed during these parts of the novel click to continue



The Snow Child in your reviews: 

This is one of those novels that succeed in large part because of the atmosphere and the care that goes into crafting characters. Mabel and Jack is a childless older couple who move to Alaska to find a new life. click to continue


This incredibly beautiful story was inspired by and tenderly envelopes an Old Russian folktale. One evening an elderly, childless couple build a girl out of snow. Come morning it is missing, leaving faint footprints, from where the snow child once stood. click to continue


Lets take a moment to appreciate the great, rich, slowly brewing and absolutely gorgeous writing. Eowyn Ivey has taken those two stereotypical characters, even put them in the solitude in a cabin, In Alaska, and still managed to make Jack and Mabel surprise us and then some. click to continue



You can also find more cool reads in Kinga's post: Snow, Ice and Cold Books

As a Polish ex-pat living in London where snow is rare as a free seat on the tube, I find myself missing real winters terribly. If I can't have snow and ice in real life (and I can't until I move to Canada, which is definitely going to happen next year) I need to surround myself with winter books. click to continue