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Not as good as Linger, but better than The Raven Boys.  Grace and Sam didn’t live up to my expectations. When Isabel told Sam that there was going to be a wolf hunt, Sam did nothing about it. Nor did Isabel. To be fair, it would have been useless for her to appeal to her father, but she still should have tried sooner than when finally she wound up doing it.

As for Grace, she just seemed unimportant. She didn’t really do much to contribute to the story other than get rescued from the sinkhole so Sam could move on and save the wolves finally.

Cole was probably the best part of the book. He was eccentric and actually tried to problem solve instead of sitting on his butt like everyone else in the book.

The ending was ok, but nothing too special. Isabel saved the day and Beck died. I’m glad that Isabel finally contributed to something other than Cole’s experiments but Beck’s death was just so quick and poorly done. He got shot. He died. Moving on. That’s basically what happened.

More and more, I’m starting to think that Shiver should have been a standalone.