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I love YA urban fantasy and dystopian. I also read some middle grade and historical fiction. I apologize for any spelling errors. If any of my ratings/Posts don't match up its because I just imported them from Goodreads and need to adjust them.

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Table View Book Search, New Blog Themes, Write After Saving

Reblogged from BookLikes:

To make arranging and organizing books on your Shelf more convenient, we've added a separate book search box in your table view. And to make your blogs look prettier, new design themes are available in BookLikes Theme Store. There's also a tiny improvement of great value in writing box. 


Search Books In Table View

Let's take a look at your Shelves and new search box first. Go to table view and type book title, part of the title or author's name in new search spot. The table view will present you only the book(s) that match the title phrase/author's name. It will help you find a specific book entry and change shelf it is put on, add rating stars or update reading status in a couple of seconds.




Pimp Your Blog

We have more good news. You can find two new templates in BookLikes Theme Store. "Fantasy Reader" was prepared by Parajunkee (Go girl!) and Custom Colours by baelkina. You can pimp your blog in Customization Tab (entrance Settings/Blog) and in BookLikes Theme Store where you can find these two brand new themes:


  Custom Colours - free 


Fantasy Reader - $9.00



 Continue Writing After Saving

There's also something new in writing box. Now you can easily go back to edit view after Saving as draft or Publishing a post. It's useful if you're working on a longer text or need to edit a lot and don't want to loose any of the written word.



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