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Tales of the Slayer, Volume 3 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) - Yvonne Navarro, Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder, Mel Odom

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Slayer Volume 3

“Dark of the Moon” by Yvonne Navarro

Interesting but ultimately bored me. Dark of the Moon frustrated me at times with her lack of vampire lore knowledge even though it was never her fault-she’s the first Slayer. Aside from that there just wasn’t much excitement in the story. She skulked around killing vampires and never seemed to really react in a way that conveyed emotion to me. 2.5/5

“Ch’ing Shih” by Mel Odom

By far my favorite story in the collection and the only one narrated in first person, which made it that much more memorable.  Xiaoqin was a fun, interesting character and I didn’t want her story to end.


“The Voodoo Lounge” by Christopher Golden

Another great story, though it did revert back to third person. I really liked Eleanor and thought that the idea of a club that allowed mortals to mingle with demons very intriguing. It was also a breath of fresh air to meet some demons that seemed to have a sense of humanity (though they probably wouldn’t call it that) and a Slayer who only wanted to hunt demons and vampires that caused trouble. The mystery element of the story was done perfectly. The end left me a bit confused but overall, one of the better stories out of all the collections.


“The Code of the Samurai” by Nancy Holder

Bored. So. Thoroughly. Bored. Writing was terrible and I couldn’t stand India (why was she named India again?) and after reading the story Abomination in the previous volume, I just wanted to slap India for having a crush on her Watcher. They should have given her someone old or at least older.

I found Asano annoyingly pesky. And I wanted to slap him too for sending out an SOS. If there is a Vampire Slayer out there, why wouldn’t you consider the possibility that there could be vampires out there too? Just ugh.

And there was this one line about how India wanted to talk to Kit about her feelings but she decided against it because he was a guy and didn’t care.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s an outdated stereotype. I rarely talk about my feelings and my guy friend is more emotional that I am. And isn’t Buffy supposed to be a feminist icon or something? So join the 21st century and start writing again once you’ve learned your lesson Ms. Holder.

On page 285 India comments on Asano’s raiding party that some of the girls look frail and wouldn’t be able to do hand to hand combat with the vampires.

Really? I mean come on, why would they be fighting vampires if they couldn't fight?

Then on page 287 India is all “Asano picked up the weapons bag that I’m perfectly capable of carrying myself and Kit might be jealous!” just…no. *face palms*

The Slayer’s job is to kill Vampires and other demons. Again, she should have been given an older Watcher.

And then some girl started crying and ran off when the fighting started. Is it just me or is Ms. Holder only making India so brave and strong because she has to?

The ending surprised me a bit but it felt unrealistic. The concubine was saying how the vampire Asano had no humanity left, so why would  any of the other vampires still follow the samurai traditions?



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