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Unbreakable - Kami Garcia

Unbreakable by Kami Garcia

The first half was meh. The beginning of the second half was a little better. And then it turned disappointing.

Yeah, Unbreakable could have used some more work but it wasn’t the worst book to have ever been published.

On as scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate Kennedy (The main character) about a 4. She messes up and doesn’t even try for the first half of the book and then once she starts trying things get a little better..

And when she decides to try, dang. She can be pretty cool.

Then she gets stuck in a wall and erases all progress.

And her fear of the dark-it worked the first time but then it was used over…and over… and over…to no effect. It didn’t do anything for Kennedy (Except make me hate her more) or the plot.

Same thing with all those flashbacks. A couple for effect  scattered throughout, provided they reveal something relevant to the plot, are fine. But when there are a bunch of pointless flashbacks that only reveal everyday things about Kennedy (first time she ate Luck Charms for example) are completely pointless.

Lukas Lockhart: 5 ½

He’s nice but lacks a real personality. Think Dylan from Maximum Ride, without the sarcasm.

Personally, I think Kennedy should have chosen him. He seems more responsible. That and I’m tired of the whole bad boy fad. Speaking of bad boys…

…Jared Lockhart: ½

A run off the mill “bad boy” who  secretly “cares”. Never felt any chemistry between him and Kennedy even though she’s always talking about him in one way or another.

And did I mention he’s a fing idiot? There is a reason the Legion works the way it does. And there should have been a rule against two members living together. ‘cause then Jared wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get everyone killed.

And Kennedy forgave him!? What the f? if someone killed my mom and wanted to make out with me, I knee them in the privates and tell them that if they ever came near me again, I’d report him to  the police.

But I guess since its fiction, Ms. Garcia thinks she can bend the basic rules of logic and common sense. *face palms*

Alara: 9 ½

No nonsense attitude + takes risks on the battlefield+ decodes journals+ hates pink=Favorite Character. Plus she has a cool name.

Priest: 6

Not really much to say about him other than he makes cool weapons and never stops listening to music.  So I don’t know why I like him so much...or at least more than the other characters. Probably because he never really does anything to annoy me.

The actual plot was decent. The first part was a little too much like City of Bones for my liking. Combined with the summary, it’s easily can easily be perceived as a rip off. There have also been accusations of being a Supernatural rip off but I haven’t watched the show so I have nothing to say on that front.

And the fight scene between Lukas and Jared was just stupid. You’re seriously going to fight now? In front of her? I’m not saying Kennedy can’t handle seeing a fight, I saying that it makes them both look like the undeserving jerks they are. And it’s a shame because I originally shipped Kennedy and Lukas.

I was actually fairly delighted when Jared announced he was leaving. Then I realized he’d come back and save the day after Kennedy moaned extensively about him. Then it turned out he wasn’t leaving…>:(

And then when they’re about to enter the prison-great scene, very creepy-Kennedy ruins it with her hormones. Grrrrrrr…

The love triangle was nonexistent. This would usually please me greatly, but there was clearly supposed to be one. So epic fail.

Probably going to read the sequel. It can’t be much worse than the this one.