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Tales from the Hood (Sisters Grimm, Book 6) - Michael Buckley

The Sisters Grimm: Tales From the Hood by Michael Buckley

Word of advice: if you don’t like it in the beginning, just keep going. It gets better (except for the trial scenes. Those were awful).


 Wow. What an awful begging! Sabrina starts going through puberty and suddenly can’t handle being called “dog face” anymore. Then when Granny  Relda, Daphne, Sabrina, etc. go to Robin Hood’s law practice, Sabrina develops an instant crush. Made me want to smack the book. And the author. And the editor. You get the idea.

Then Daphne tried to emulate Sabrina. See above.

It was just annoying. I don’t mind it when a character changes gradually, but when it’s all of a sudden and obnoxious like this, just no.

The only other major complaint I have is the trial scenes.  They were rushed and stupid. Yes, I get that the judge was crazy and thus the trial was disorderly. But there is a fine line between insane and inane. The first couple of trial scenes were the later. The last two were ok.

The whole Goldilocks ordeal was probably only thrown into this book to make it longer, but it was tons of fun. I loved the idea of the traveling chest thing. Reminded me a bit of the vanishing cabinets from Harry Potter.

Bluebeard was just plain creepy. I was surprised by the allusions to his being a predator. I guess that most of it would go over a younger child’s head but it still surprised me a little.

The alleyway scene was also a huge surprise to me. I did not expect Charming to kill Bluebeard.

The art was mediocre. All the girls looked the same, except for Relda. And that’s only because she’s old.