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Love in the Time of Global Warming - Francesca Lia Block

I am a huge fan of dystopia. I have read practically everything from The Hunger Games  to The Giver. I also spent a good chunk of my childhood obsessing over Percy Jackson and all things Greek Mythology.

Add in some LGBT issues and you have the literary equivalent of a triple layer chocolate cake. (fun fact-there will be a shortage of chocolate once the year 2020 hits)

Easily one of my favorite books, Love in the Time of Global Warming is a fascinating mixture of Myth and Sci-fi. I will admit that the world building is a little sketchy but I’m not too picky about that stuff.

What really captured my attention was the gorgeous prose and unique premise. There have been dystopia’s influenced by the myths (The Hunger Games) but this was the first straight-up retelling I’ve come across.

Here are the parallels I found:

  • Pen=Odysseus

  • Pink House=Ithaca

  • The Lotus Hotel needs no explanation

  • Bull=Polyphemus

  • Venice=Penelope (weird. ’Cause Pen’s full name is Penelope but she’s playing the role of Odysseus. Who’s trying to get back to his family, mainly Penelope…)

  • Mom=Grandfather (The Grandfather dies before Odysseus gets home)

  • Beatrix= Circe (Both try to keep Odysseus/Pen and his/her  crew/friends)

  • Tara=Calypso (Gives Odysseus/Pen a place to rest)

  •  The Return was like the one in the Odyssey-reclaims home and reconciles with family

It was really fun trying to find all the parallels. I’ve read and watched retellings of the Odyssey for fun and in school. Recently, my class watched O’ Brother Where Art Thou-a depression era retelling.

Usually when there’s and LGBT character, it becomes a huge part of their storyline but Block didn’t do that. Some may find that infuriating but it shows that they are still people and there is more to them than their sexual orientations.

Definitely worth checking out!